Pharmaceutical Quality – Conference

Upcoming marcus evans Conference Covers Pharmaceutical Quality,  September 28–30, 2016, in Berlin – visit event website!

The focus of pharmaceutical quality systems have shifted in recent years from a traditional model to a more global, dynamic, and risk-based approach, enhanced especially by regulatory authorities and economic environment. marcus evans is organizing “Quality Excellence: From Quality Risk Management to Continuous Process Verification” a unique conference to be held September 28–30, 2016, in Berlin. This conference will help attendees learn how to implement a quality risk management approach into their existing systems. It will also provide a better understanding on how to assess and evaluate risks in their companies and with third parties.

By attending this conference, attendees will receive more than 14 hours of focused end-user-driven case studies and interactive panel discussions and workshops. In addition, delegates will have the opportunity to network with senior-level executives and learn about the latest developments and trends in pharmaceutical quality systems.

The key topic areas include:
• Regulatory expectation for quality compliance approaches
• Efficient quality risks management systems and tools across the global quality system
• Efficient processes to ensure quality control
• Third-party quality risk management processes
• Efficient continuous process verification and monitoring systems

For more information about this event, please contact Yiota Andreou at or visit the event website.

marcus evans Webinars

FiTAX – BearingPoint’ leading FATCA and CRS reporting software

On April the 7th 2016, BearingPoint, with support from marcus evans, presented its market leading FATCA and AEOI-CRS reporting software FiTAX.

What are the best practices in implementing project?
What can we learn from FATCA implementation?
What are the key success factors in CRS reporting?

During 60 minutes, BearingPoint tax reporting specialists answered these key questions and gave a demonstration of FiTAX software.

“It was great to see how many tax specialists and other professional topic responsible persons attended our Webinar. We have been able to provide some valuable information and to demonstrate the strenghts of our market leading reporting software FiTAX”, says Ronald Frey.

The Automatic Exchange of Information reporting driven by OECD is closing in. With the first reporting deadline looming, it’s imperative for financial institutions to define their operating strategy to report globally and to decide whether to put in place their proprietary reporting IT or select a vendor solution

To watch the complete recording of the webinar, please click:

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Chem/Petrochem & Refinery Shutdowns and Turnarounds Conference

marcus evans’ 2016 Edition of the Chem/Petrochem & Refinery Shutdowns and Turnarounds Conference Will Take Place at the Astor Crowne Plaza

marcus evans will host the 8thChem/Petrochem & Refinery Shutdowns and Turnarounds Conference on July 26-28, 2016 at the Astor Crowne Plaza in New Orleans. This plant level focused meeting will enable you to achieve a successfully executed turnaround through optimal scope management, planning and scheduling, budget forecasting, cost tracking, and workforce labor quality.

For the last 7 years, this annual conference has been one of the most anticipated STO meetings in the industry, bringing together Professionals & Plant Managers to discuss key fundamentals for achieving the utmost efficient shutdown /turnaround operation. The conference provides attendees with proven solutions in timely maintenance planning/scheduling and improving communication between O&M.Attending this advanced conference will enable you to:

  • Plan the right criteria for an efficient and effective turnaround to guarantee productive project execution and reliability
  • Pioneer a critical chain management/resource based planning project management approach for optimal success
  • Harmonize capital projects, O&M, and quality integration with turnarounds throughout the entire planning and execution phases to maximize department, plant, and organizational productivity
  • Reinforce safety culture into every facet of operations, maintenance and contractor management while exceeding guidelines and requirements

See what our attendees have to say about the conference here!Past Attendees Include:BASF Corporation, Chevron Phillips Chemical Co, ConocoPhillips, BP, Luminant, The Dow Chemical Company, DYNO Nobel, Ashland Inc., Ergon Refining Inc., ExxonMobil, Flint Hills Resources, Georgia Gulf Chemicals, Honeywell, Huntsman Corporation, Axiall Corporation, Husky Energy, INVISTA, Lubrizol Corporation, Westlake Petrochemicals, Dow Corning, Marathon Petroleum, North Atlantic Refining Ltd., Shell Upgrader, Tesoro Petroleum, Americas Styrenics, Valero, Petrotechnics USA, NiSource, Syncrude Canada LTD, United Refining, Air Liquide, NOVA Chemicals, Vertex Refining, Eastman Chemical Company, Koch Industries, Praxair, and We Energies.For more information, please take a look at the conference flyer or contact Tyler Kelch, Digital Marketing Manager attylerke@marcusevansch.comPrevious Shutdown & Turnaround Expert Speakers include:

Brian Baca
Turnaround SME
Chevron Phillips
Chemical Co.
Joe Jackson
Turnaround Manager
LyondellBasellAlan Pool
ValeroMarty Eitmann
Turnaround Manager
St. Charles
Dow Chemical CompanySteve Busick
Turnaround Network
ConocoPhillipsJames Walton
TAR Planning
BASF CorporationJosh Higginbotham
Site Maintenance
PCS Nitrogen – GeismarFrank Engli
Turnaround Manager
Shell Upgradermarcus evans annually produces 2,000 high quality conferences designed to provide strategic business information and networking opportunities for industry leaders

For more information, please take a look at the conference flyer or contact
Tyler Kelch
Digital Marketing Manager

Preparing for the Future of Natural Gas Plants

Interview with J. Brent Gifford, Manager — Major Projects & New Generation, Arizona Public Service Company

With recent court rulings for Coal Retirement, Renewable Development is expected to increase. There is an expectation for decreased base load capacity and growing capacity of intermittent renewable resources. Utilities, Power Generators, and EPC Firms are going to have to continue to design, develop and construct Natural Gas Plants to effectively integrate renewable resources.
Brent Gifford, Manager — Major Projects & New Generation at Arizona Public Service Company, recently spoke with marcus evans about topics to be discussed at the upcoming Natural Gas Plant Development, Commissioning & Construction Conference:

How do you use lessons learned from past company experiences to create your own success?
BG: An old mentor told me (several times) the old adage to never be afraid to make a mistake because that’s how you learn. He went on to add, “Be very afraid of making the same mistake twice.” The technology available today makes learning from others’ experiences as valuable a resource as your own experiences.

What is the most important factor to consider when adjusting to new market trends?BG: Realizing that you will probably be wrong about what the trend will be. The key is being able to either anticipate several trend alternatives or use a strategy that is flexible and quickly adaptable.

What obstacles do you face when coordinating costs and pricing on projects?
BG: At the risk of stating the obvious… it’s all about the risk: the type, who owns it, how is it mitigated, and how to best value it. I don’t think it is possible to have a too-rigorous risk management strategy. Yes, I speak from experience, see question one above.

In what ways do you think the changing market will influence future projects?
BG: Projects will need flexible and adaptable implementation strategies with risk appropriately allocated.

What do you think attendees will learn during this conference?
BG: Companies seeking to expand generation portfolios face several challenges today, and I look forward to hearing different perspectives about how to tackle those challenges successfully.

Brent Gifford has been employed at Arizona Public Service for 30 years — all in Fossil Generation. First as a Civil/Structural Engineer and later in plant capital improvement project management. In his current role as Manager, Major Projects and New Generation he is responsible for a portfolio of air quality control system, combustion turbine reliability improvement, and new generation projects. Brent is a Registered Professional Engineer (AZ, CA, NM, NV) and a Project Management Professional.
Join Brent at the Natural Gas Plant Development, Commissioning & Construction Conference, May 4-5, 2016 in Philadelphia, PA. View the conference agenda to check out Brent’s case study topic.
For more information, please contact Rachel Strug, Digital Marketing Coordinator, marcus evans at 312.894.6327 or

Officer Summit Spring 2016

How to Achieve Up to 99 Percent Accuracy When Predicting Legal Expenses

Justin Silverman of CounselLink, a service provider at the marcus evans Chief Litigation Officer Summit Spring 2016, on legal cost prediction.

Interview with: Justin Silverman, Vice President, Product Management, CounselLink

Las Vegas, Nevada, February 9, 2016 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Legal cost control continues to be one of the most important issues for Chief Litigation Officers (CLOs), says Justin Silverman, Vice President, Product Management, CounselLink. In the boardroom, most CLOs no longer get a free pass. “Chief Financial Officers and Chief Executive Officers are demanding that legal departments understand and control costs, and provide updates on the budget throughout the year,” he details.

CounselLink is a service provider at the marcus evans Chief Litigation Officer Summit Spring 2016, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 20-22. Ahead of the Summit, Silverman discusses outside counsel cost control and how better collaboration with outside counsel leads to more accurate financial forecasts.

Where should a law department start when it comes to controlling outside counsel costs?

There are numerous ways to control costs, all of which revolve around collaboration and alignment with outside counsel. I would highlight three components – the use of budgeting, alternative fee arrangements and analytics – as strong places to start. These mechanisms drive predictability in cost and help control risk.

Why are legal departments under more pressure to predict costs?

With legal costs representing a significant portion of a company’s overall budget, management has to be able to plan for them. Although legal departments used to say predicting outside costs wasn’t possible, that’s no longer the case. Technology that captures information, drives workflows and automates tasks, now makes it possible for legal departments to predict legal costs with a much greater degree of accuracy. In particular, using technology and process to build budgets and establish alternative fee arrangements allows corporate legal departments to achieve a high degree of accuracy in forecasting and controlling their legal spend.

How does the CounselLink solution make an impact in this space?

CounselLink has a robust budgeting capability designed to enhance collaboration between the law firm and the law department. It is a mechanism whereby law firms can input assumptions directly into the system, after which that communication can take place – assumptions can be documented by the law firm, reviewed by the corporate legal department, and sent back over with questions. This helps the two parties align their approach on the matter and expectations, to get the best outcome at the right cost. Several CounselLink customers follow-up on this budgeting process by setting a fixed or alternative fee arrangement based on the agreed upon budget. CounselLink is the only solution in the market that built-in alternative fee functionality from the ground up. Finally, by revisiting the budget on a quarterly basis, using CounselLink, organizations can achieve up to 99 percent accuracy in forecasting their spend on the matters on which they follow this process.

Yet perhaps the biggest driver of cost control and predictability is the use of data and analytics. Corporations can look at the data they collect in CounselLink, analyze that information, and make better decisions moving forward on how to achieve the best outcomes and identify the right outside counsel partners for their needs. Accessing the data, analyzing it and getting insights into the right hands at the right time, that is the critical piece.

Will it make a huge impact on the predicted figure if there are two more or two less legal matters in a year?

The number can evolve over the course of the year. As matters come in, CLOs need to understand their impact and communicate effectively. Assessing the matters quickly and having those discussions provides time to make necessary adjustments and avoid costly surprises.

Contact: Sarin Kouyoumdjian-Gurunlian, Press Manager, marcus evans, Summits Division

Tel: + 357 22 849 313

About the Chief Litigation Officer Summit Spring 2016

The 17th Chief Litigation Officer Summit is the premium forum for bringing leading in-house litigation counsel across the nation together with service providers. The Summit offers a unique forum for service providers to interact with heads of litigation from the country’s leading organizations in an intimate environment. Taking place at the Red Rock Resort & Spa, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 20-22, the Summit includes presentations on FLSA new regulations and overcoming misclassification challenges, international litigation avoidance, minimizing litigation risk, and uncovering new trends and threats.

For more information please send an email to or visit the event website

The Legal Network – marcus evans Summits group delivers peer-to-peer information on strategic matters, professional trends and breakthrough innovations.



Please note that the Summit is a closed business event and the number of participants strictly limited.

About CounselLink

CounselLink legal spend and matter management solution is cloud-based software for Enterprise Legal Management designed to help corporate legal departments manage operations while providing analytics and benchmarking tools for better decision making. Specific legal spend and matter management features in CounselLink give corporate clients advanced capabilities to evaluate legal department performance and metrics on an ongoing basis. While expert professional services and product support teams help users maximize the benefits of the solution. CounselLink offers innovative and tiered proprietary software solutions to address the unique requirements of both large and small legal departments.  The solution has earned an industry reputation for enabling corporate counsel to use data effectively as a basis for improving legal department performance and outcomes. LexisNexis CounselLink Solution is positioned in the ‘Leaders’ Quadrant of the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Legal Management.

About marcus evans Summits

marcus evans Summits are high level business forums for the world’s leading decision-makers to meet, learn and discuss strategies and solutions. Held at exclusive locations around the world, these events provide attendees with a unique opportunity to individually tailor their schedules of keynote presentations, case studies, roundtables and one-on-one business meetings. For more information, please visit

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Design Thinking Conference

marcus evans will host the 2nd Annual Design Thinking Conference on February 24-25, 2016 at the Marines Memorial Club & Hotel in San Francisco, CA. Through case study presentations and roundtable discussions, our expert speaker panel will address the next evolution in the institutionalization of design thinking practices to align insights and experience to incorporate empathy for the user into the overall design of the product. Participants will examine how they can streamline the ideation process to keep focus and a constant churn of new product and services ideas in the innovation pipeline to uncover that next disruptive product.

Attending this premier conference will enable you to:

  • Harnes a culture of innovation within the company through the catalyst of a workplace culture that encourages playful creativity
  • Overcome initial resistance from the C-Suite through qualitative evidence and competitive success stories
  • Realize the power of empathy based research through grassroots activity and engaging the consumer as a person
  • Involve consumers and clients early in the product development stage to maximize co-creation potential
  • Encourage internal design thinking that accounts for the technological and agility requirements for your business

Past Attendees Include: EBay, Fidelity Investments, Crayola, LinkedIn, JP Morgan & Chase, Faureda, PepsiCo, Inc, Pfizer Consumer Health Care, MillerCoors, Honeywell, 3M, Mayo Clinic, Medtronic, UnitedHealth Group, and many more!


“The speakers were excellent and the content very useful and relevant to the challenges I face every day.” Broadcom Corporation

“What an educational, intimate setting to connect with and learn how other companies are driving customer loyalty.” Petsmart, Inc.

Featuring Case Studies from Design Thinking Experts, including:

Eric Shuler
Vice President,
Product Development

Holly O’Driscoll
North America Design
Thinking Leader
Procter & Gamble

Martin Wilson
Vice President, Design& Development
Fisher-Price Friends
— Mattel

Margaret Schmidt
Vice President of Design & Engineering, Chief Design Officer

Eliel Johnson
Vice President and Head of User Experience and Design
Charles Schwab

Richard Eisermann
Vice President,
Integrated Experience
Design &Development
Lowe’s Companies,Inc.

Michael Perman
Dean of Innovation
Gap, Inc.

For more information, check out the

conference agenda or email Tyler Kelch, Digital Marketing Manager at

marcus evans conferences annually produce over 2,000 high quality events designed to provide key strategic business information, best practice and networking opportunities for senior industry decision-makers.h

Event Website: Design Thinking 2016

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